What are The Wytch Files?

Our stories shape our world. What are the stories being told about witches, magicians, and magic in our world today? What are we saying about power, about the supernatural, and those that attempt to command such power? Are we heroes or villains? Is magic a tool or a dangerous weapon? We are practicing witches examining our reflections on the lens of society, eager to see where fiction meets with fact.

The Wytch Files is a podcast and blog that reviews fiction books, comics, T.V. shows, movies and videogames that feature themes involving the occult in all its vast and varied incarnations. 

  aren Cruz has been on a path of Pagan spirituality for more years than she can count with her fingers. During her late teenaged years, she became very disillusioned by the religion of her youth. She began reading voraciously in hopes of finding a spiritual path that spoke to her soul. Her love of world mythology, particularly that of ancient Greece, piqued a deep interest in ancient Greek deities. Not interested in a Hellenic reconstructionist path, she began an eclectic practice which was centered on the honoring of ancient Greek deities. She soon after, added ritual, meditation and folk magic to this practice. She continued to study and practice as a solitary for several years incorporating elements of divination and ceremonial magic to her practice.

"The stories we tell literally make the world.

If you want to change the world, you need to change your story."

— Michael Margolis

Our goal is to showcase how popular media portrays witches, magicians, pagans and other occultists and to provide critical review and analysis of these portrayals from the prospective of practicing occultists.  We also hope to find quality media that provide positive portrayals of the occult that we can recommend to our community. 

Karen Cruz


For community, she began patronizing occult shops and attending pagan events. After several years of intermittently attending a local study group, run by a Wiccan coven, she began studying with them and eventually joined their sister coven who followed an Irish Celtic and Norse path.  She studied with this Wiccan coven for several years and eventually received third degree initiation.


Today, she has come full-circle and has returned to her solitary practice. She can also be found creating ritual and magical mischief with her kindred spirit Sabrina Khan. She continues to study and evolve her practice and has a keen interest in ritual crafting, animism, shamanism, genus loci, folk magic, drumming and belly dance. She is an avid reader of comics and fantasy books and has a love of all media that provides a cohesive and realistic interpretation of witchcraft, magic and the occult. In her professional life, she is a trained and licensed allied health care professional with experience in the clinical setting.

Sabrina Khan

    abrina Khan is a pagan polytheist witch from Queens, New York. She discovered magic and witchcraft combing through library stacks in mythology, religion, history, literature, and the tiniest occult sections. Her love of the natural world and witchcraft lead her to study herbalism and kitchen witchery. She has a working knowledge of local and a few more exotic plants. She crafts baths, incense, perfumes oils, and delicious foodstuffs for ritual and healing. Her formal training has been with a Thelemic Wiccan coven based out of Enchantments, one of NYC's oldest occult shops. Her current practice is influenced by Hellenism, Buddhism, Hinduism, shamanism, herbalism and folk magic. Today, Sabrina is studying shamanic practices such as drumming trance and lucid dreaming, with an interest in sex magic and Scottish witchcraft.


Scottish witchcraf Sabrina is a trained fine artist who enjoys drawing and painting. However, you will most often find her sewing. She is a costume designer and wardrobe technician for off Broadway theater, and relishes commissions for cosplay, special occasion gowns and ritual wear. You can find all her work at her website Sabrina-Khan.com. A selection of amulets, and talismanic jewelry can be purchased on her Etsy shop Archetypes.

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Mallon Khan

  allon Khan records and produces The Wytch Files in NYC. The podcast's theme music used courtesy of it's creator, Mallon. Visit his website, Khanimation.net to see all that he has to offer.


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